Top 10 places to visit in India for short trip


India is a truly wonderful country from any point of view and certainly represents an excellent tourist destination for people from around the world.

1.The Golden Temple : Also known as Sri Darbar Sahib, the Golden Temple is located in Amritsar (Punjab) and is named because marble is covered with gold leaf and is in the middle of a Sarovar (pool of clear water).

Golden Temple at night

2.Taj Mahal : Located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is known for the embodiment of love and it was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal

Taj Mahal

3. Ekambaranathar Temple : Located directly in the city of Kanchipuram, the temple covers an area of ​​5 hectares, with four entries. The main temple was called Gayatri Mandapa, which is constituted by 24 pillars representing 24 alphabets of Gayatri Mantra.

Ekambaranathar temple

4. Bengal Tiger, Bangladesh : It is one of the national symbols of India and one of the most amazing animals on the planet earth. The Bengal tiger is almost 3 feet long and weigh up to 200 kilos, one of the most kept species in the world.

Bengal Tiger, Bangladesh

5.The Pangong Lake : This lake has a length of 134 km long, extending from India to China. It is known worldwide as “Heaven on Earth” and it is located 4250 meters above sea level, representing a beautiful landscape on high.

Pangong Lake

6.The Jog Falls : Located in the Indian state of Karnataka.The Jog Falls represent the greatest waterfall across the country, being without doubt one of the most attractive tourist spots for tourists visiting India.

Jog Falls,Sagara

7.Konark Sun Temple  : Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.The Sun Temple was built in the mid-thirteenth century and is located near the city of Bhubaneshwar Orissa.

Konark Sun Temple

8. Mysore Palace : It is one of the most outstanding architectural designs from all over India.The palace, located in the city of the same name, receives the festival known as Mysore Dasara and is a major tourist attraction in the country.

Mysore Palace

9.Races in Kerala : It is a race held every year in India which attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Each ship (known as snake boats) is manned by four helmsmen to 25 “singers” and over 100 rowers to row in unison to the fast rhythm of vanchipattu (boatman’s song).

Races in Kerala

10. Lotus Temple : Located in New Delhi, India, is a Bahá’í House of Worship completed in 1986. Lotus Temple is known in the world of architecture for its unique shape and its historical appeal.

Lotus Temple

There is no doubt that this is a truly wonderful country to visit and has much to offer tourists.

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