Tornado in Loreburn, Saskatchewan

Tornado in Loreburn, Saskatchewan




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By Titanium22

I got sober from drugs and alcohol in 2000. In the process of recovering I realized that from then on spirituality was going to be an important focus of my life—that it had to be, since the connection to a Higher Power was necessary to keep me sober and alive.

I didn’t realize that recovery would connect me to myself as well, to what was really inside me.

During the early part of my recovery I realized that spirituality could be an open field to play on. I grew up around Catholicism and I didn’t feel like it was that way at all when I was young. I realized that my Higher Power could be one of my own understanding—that I had a lot of room to explore.

So I started exploring. One day I was reading a passage written by a Buddhist monk…

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USDA Home Loans – Why You Need USDA loan?

The best thing about USDA loans is that they often tend to almost minimum down payment money and lower interest rates then private loans to carry. The only thing that you have to keep in mind for applying for these loans, is that it is for the specific groups such as people a rural area. Here are some good things about loans from the USDA, which one should keep in mind while choosing the home loan.

USDA Loans

USDA Home Loans

The loan from USDA for home building are often very forgiving and can even be taken for the full payment of the project. The normal amortization period for these loans are often quite simple as most of you tend to stretch more than thirty years or more with nominal rates.

The aim of these loans is often quite simple, as that they are to support peoples living in rural areas. The other important  aspect for these loans is that they are incorporated to help people with less fortunate background. This means that you only have to be their recourse if you earn falls within the limits specified by the Department.

USDA Rural Development home loans

Similarly, these advantages are also targeted for the population in areas where it is easy to move less population and many often opt in major cities.


The USDA loan are amazing, as these offer the construction of your home with almost no indirect costs such as costs, commissions, taxes and insurance to close. If you heart set on buying a house in the rural area have less than 25 000 people, the USDA loans are best for you to on your journey to the property ladder.


The Super Bowl: A Sex Trafficker’s Playground

Forte E Bello

In just a few short days hundreds of thousands of visitors will flood to the MetLife stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII. Many visitors will be coming to show their pride and cheer on their favorite team, but tragically, thousands more will be coming for something entirely different. What most people don’t know is that the single biggest game of the year has also been called the single largest human trafficking event on the planet.

Just beyond the stadium lights, hidden within the shadows will be thousands of victims, women, children and even men, caught in the inhumane web of sex trafficking. For them this day will bring something much different than football, loud cheers, hot dog stands and painted beer bellies. For them it will bring pain, abuse, repeated rapes and even fear of death. The exact numbers of trafficking cases in a given year or…

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How safe is flying?

Many attractions are accessible only by plane. Is flying really that safe, as is always claimed? So here, we will know how safe is flying?

How safe is flying

How many people died in 2012 due to aircraft losses?

The airline achieved a great success in their entirety. 2012 was the safest year in the history of aviation. The number of dead due to a crash, passenger volume stood at 496 people. In 2011, there were also only two people more. Such statistics are collected annually by the German accident investigation office Jadec (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre). It was also found that there were 102 incidents in 2012. Here in addition to the accident and the damage of aircraft were counted. These statistics include airlines and accidents around the world.

Is flying a safe way to travel

Where 2011 by aviation 498 passengers were killed worldwide, there were in Germany alone more than 4,000 fatalities due to accidents with the car. The approximately 100 incidents by plane all over the world are here compared with about 2.3 million accidents with the car in Germany.

Which Airlines are considered safe?

From the collection of Jadec go out the safest airlines. It involves Finnair, who since the days of the statistical survey in 1983, neither a plane nor a passenger lost. The same is true for the airlines Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific. The top five will be completed by Emirates and Etihad Airways. The latter had to report an aircraft loss 9 years ago. But no people There were killed.

Which airlines considered to be unsafe?


The worst statistic of all 60 airlines have China Airlines. Since 1983 eight aircraft have been lost. In this period there were 755 deaths. The last plane crashed five years ago. With six crashes, 336 dead and also five years since the last aircraft loss, TAM Airlines ranks 59 Air India had recorded three aircraft losses at 329 dead. The last aircraft was lost three years ago. GOL Transportes Aéreos and Korean Air complete the most unsafe airlines.

safest airlines

Strange and interesting

Flying is safer than getting married, because in the United States each year about 8,000 people die at the hands of their own spouses . Thus, the probability of being murdered by their own spouse to 13 times higher than dying in a plane crash.

Flying is safer than getting married


The survey also serious accidents without fatalities are received. Total is flying very safe. When driving a car die every year in Germany alone, almost 10 times as many people as by plane crashes in the world. The German Airlines are all found in the squares 11, 23 and 34 in the upper third.