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The problem with “I have a boyfriend”

Of Means and Ends


Many of us have probably met a woman who wears a fake engagement or wedding ring to avoid advances by men. Often times women will offer up “I have a boyfriend” as a magical phrase to get men to leave them alone and stop hitting on them. It’s understandable that women want to avoid a conflict, especially when men often won’t take “no thank you” for an answer.

But there are disturbing undercurrents to this practice. Women are conditioned to be “nice” and not cause problems. While of course we should all employ basic human decency and politeness, when that doesn’t work it’s often hard for women to be firm and unequivocal when they want to be left alone. There’s an assumptive attitude that some of these men have in assuming that a stranger they just decided to talk to owes them some kind of explanation for not being interested…

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Download Free Soundcloud Music Downloader Online

Have you tried storing or downloading music from the cloud? Are you tired of searching for the download button on SoundCloud and downloading music in formats that you might not be able to use? Have you ever imagined being able to decide what format your music downloads from the cloud come in? Do you want a place to download songs with no hustle or restrictions? Then our new soundcloud downloader is exactly what you need! 

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Soundcloud Dwnloader Installation:

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