How safe is flying?

Many attractions are accessible only by plane. Is flying really that safe, as is always claimed? So here, we will know how safe is flying?

How safe is flying

How many people died in 2012 due to aircraft losses?

The airline achieved a great success in their entirety. 2012 was the safest year in the history of aviation. The number of dead due to a crash, passenger volume stood at 496 people. In 2011, there were also only two people more. Such statistics are collected annually by the German accident investigation office Jadec (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre). It was also found that there were 102 incidents in 2012. Here in addition to the accident and the damage of aircraft were counted. These statistics include airlines and accidents around the world.

Is flying a safe way to travel

Where 2011 by aviation 498 passengers were killed worldwide, there were in Germany alone more than 4,000 fatalities due to accidents with the car. The approximately 100 incidents by plane all over the world are here compared with about 2.3 million accidents with the car in Germany.

Which Airlines are considered safe?

From the collection of Jadec go out the safest airlines. It involves Finnair, who since the days of the statistical survey in 1983, neither a plane nor a passenger lost. The same is true for the airlines Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific. The top five will be completed by Emirates and Etihad Airways. The latter had to report an aircraft loss 9 years ago. But no people There were killed.

Which airlines considered to be unsafe?


The worst statistic of all 60 airlines have China Airlines. Since 1983 eight aircraft have been lost. In this period there were 755 deaths. The last plane crashed five years ago. With six crashes, 336 dead and also five years since the last aircraft loss, TAM Airlines ranks 59 Air India had recorded three aircraft losses at 329 dead. The last aircraft was lost three years ago. GOL Transportes AĆ©reos and Korean Air complete the most unsafe airlines.

safest airlines

Strange and interesting

Flying is safer than getting married, because in the United States each year about 8,000 people die at the hands of their own spouses . Thus, the probability of being murdered by their own spouse to 13 times higher than dying in a plane crash.

Flying is safer than getting married


The survey also serious accidents without fatalities are received. Total is flying very safe. When driving a car die every year in Germany alone, almost 10 times as many people as by plane crashes in the world. The German Airlines are all found in the squares 11, 23 and 34 in the upper third.