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10 Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Everyone’s dream is to have more time for performing tasks in work, hobbies, family and also for himself. However, one can use couple of tricks and can make there day becomes longer. For each person, effective time management methods are different. That’s what works for one person is not necessarily to be same case for someone with a different personality.

Accordingly to manage the time a small experiment can be performed by trying new things with different solutions, and then we can certainly make optimum use of time.  Follow these 10 simple Time Management tips to make your life happier and comfortable. These tips can make you grow in your business too.

1. Note-taking Skills: This skill makes you understand that how much one can perform, on the other hand it also make a note on where you’re wasting time. You will see that actions have led to concrete results, which were completely unproductive. So to start note-taking skill you have to write a ‘diary’ of all activities that took place during the week, regardless of whether they were talking, analysis, report writing, or just thinking of the task.   Note-taking Skills   2. Plan and prioritize: The other important factor for time management is plan and prioritize. The first thing that come in mind is for making a plan is what should be the last thing done at the day end? Plan the next day! This way you will sleep peacefully, and adequate sleep is the foundation of high productivity. But really, the plan can also be done early in the day by setting up a goal that have to be achieved till the day end. Plan and prioritize: According to Pareto principle when planning a prioritize tasks about 20% of the activities typically translates to 80% of the results. Therefore, determine which tasks are most important and start from them. Do you have problems with setting priorities? Eisenhower matrix can solve your problem to share job on the importance and urgency. The U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower used to say, apparently: “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”

3 Establish goals and verify their achievement: Before starting the task, take a few minutes for thinking about what result is to be achieved by executing the task. This will determine the final result, which can be considered as a success. After completion of the tasks take another few minutes to vote for that whether the goal has been achieved or not.

Establish goals and verify their achievement

4 Strength: Know yourself by finding time during the day when you are more productive. There is no any prescription, just watch yourself. There are people who are better off working in the morning, there are those which work better to go after dinner. At this time, realizes a difficult task, then this will not be difficult.


5 Assertiveness is good: Do not allow to be disturbed when you need to focus on the task. It should be in situation to determine whether it is an emergency situation and response is needed immediately, if the problem can not wait until finish of work on the current task as we do not work in a vacuum, it often happens that someone needs something from us.

Assertiveness is good

6 Multitasking is bad: Multi-tasking is the enemy of productivity. When we start multiple tasks at the same time, the mind is focused on many details, moreover, jumping from one task to another, we lose time and energy to recall the objectives of the task and the implementation on the current task. It is difficult to realize that in today’s runaway world multitasking is not good. Doing many things at once, usually does not do anything at the end.

Multitasking is bad

7 Stop constantly checking email: Set a time in which answers the e-mails, unless you are waiting for urgent contact. Continuous checking the mailbox dissipates and distracts from the implementation of the current task. Unfortunately, the same applies to social media. Stop constantly checking email 8 Fight with the disorder: Cluttered mind, reduces productivity which often result in lose of time. While working with a computer much more bothered with the lack of order in documents for both offline and online. You may soon save the new file on your desktop, but it’s worth it to take into account the time that you spend then searching the file. For this one should adequately organize the folders and plan that documents should be saved in it, and then stick to the introduced principles.

Fight with the disorder

9 Learn to delegate tasks: Of course, not everyone can afford the comfort of hiring employees but by considering that time is very valuable. Contrary to appearances, sometimes it is cheaper to outsource tasks, than to pore over them yourself. Especially when it comes to tasks in which we have no experience, and anyone could do it better and faster.

Learn to delegate tasks

10 Dare to work slowly: Trying to work as soon as possible will not bring positive results. Make haste slowly, or work in their own optimum pace. Remember that you can not do everything! Many people impose a realization of too many things in too short a time.